Your dentist has referred you to a prosthodontist in North Seattle. It’s potentially a term that you’ve never heard about, which means you’re now looking into what type of dentist you’re going to see.

This is important to understand more about the dental treatments you’ll need. You’ll settle your mind a little more, feeling more confident when you go to a new dental office.

What Does a Prosthodontist Do?

A prosthodontist in North Seattle is a dentist who has specialized in more advanced dental care. This type of dentist is someone who specializes in the far more complex dental and facial problems patients can face. This can include the replacement of missing teeth or restoration of teeth. However, there is more to it.

A prosthodontist will look into jaw disorders, too. They will help you have a healthier mouth all the way to the bone, which can be damaged due to poor dental care.

Isn’t this something that periodontists do? Do you really need to see someone else? A periodontist will treat your teeth through the use of dental implants. It’s about treating the structures. A prosthodontist will focus on restoring and replacing teeth, whether through bridges, crowns, or other methods. This is more than just a good-looking smile, but a mouth that functions as it should.

Will Insurance Cover Prosthodontist in North Seattle?

When it comes to being referred to a prosthodontist, you’ll want to look into the costs. This is on the more expensive side, especially if you need some of the treatments that affect your jaw and the bone.

You’ll usually get a quote for the work that needs doing after an initial consultation. This will help you get an idea of just how long the work will take and the amount of money it will cost. The costs are a problem for many people, though, and you don’t need to be embarrassed about that.

Your insurance may cover some of the costs. This is something you’ll need to look into your exact plan to find out, but in the majority of cases, some of the work is covered. It could depend on whether it’s medically needed or just cosmetic. In most cases, work from a prosthodontist in North Seattle is medically needed.

You’ll often find that only part of the costs are covered, though. Most insurance companies will set a percentage that they’re willing to cover each year. Once you reach that percentage, you’ll need to pay the other part out of pocket. Then there are often limits up to a certain dollar amount, and you’ll need to pay the rest of the amount.

Some dental companies will set up a payment plan, but not all of them. This is something to talk about when it comes to getting the work done.

If your dentist is referring you to a prosthodontist in North Seattle, you’ll need to take the referral seriously. Yes, get a second opinion, but make sure you look into the reasons the referral is being suggested.