You have some tooth pain, and you’ve called your own dentist. It’s impossible to get an appointment for a while, so now you need to look at other options. Is it time to look for an emergency dentist near me in Seattle?

Too many people put off their toothache believing it not to be an emergency. The truth is your pain could constitute an emergent need. Here are three signs it’s time to find an emergency dentist.

The Pain Is Just Too Much

When you tell the dentist you have a toothache, they may not treat it all that severely at first. After all, everyone can get some sort of pain in their mouth, and for some people, that pain is manageable with some painkillers while waiting for a usual appointment.

Then there are times that the pain is too much. You’ll need to start looking for an emergency dentist near me in Seattle.

This type of pain doesn’t go away at all with painkillers. It can leave you unable to eat and even sleep. You’re left medicating in a severe and dangerous way just to be able to get some sort of relief from the pain.

If you allow the problem to continue, you can end up with a far more serious problem with your teeth. The pain could be a sign that the nerve has been damaged. It could be a sign that there is an infection, which is especially the case if you have some tenderness or swelling within the gum.

There’s Excessive Bleeding in the Mouth

Another sign it’s time to find an emergency dentist near me in Seattle is when there’s excessive bleeding. You can catch your gum with some food, or you may find your gums bleed a little while brushing. These are situations where you need to rectify the problem, but the bleeding stops quickly and it’s not an emergency.

However, there are times the bleeding just won’t stop. It could be due to something hitting the gum or some sort of accident to the mouth. Whatever the reason, if the bleeding isn’t stopping, you’ll need to seek out an emergency dental treatment.

Depending on the severity of the bleeding, it could be a trip to the hospital. This will depend on the reason for the excessive bleeding.

You Have Severe Swelling

A third reason for an emergency dentist near me in Seattle is swelling. There are times that gums can become tender, often because there’s food stuck in the gum that you haven’t gotten out yet. In most cases, that swelling will go down quickly once the food is gone.

But what about when the swelling isn’t going away? This is often combined with excessive pain, and it often shows up after some sort of dental work or if you’ve left a smaller problem to get worse. It’s usually a sign of infection and can lead to the loss of your teeth and other health problems if you don’t get it fixed right away.

Are you in need of an emergency dentist near me in Seattle? There’s nothing wrong with admitting that. Put your oral health first.