The first dental visit often happens before a child’s first tooth has broken through. While your child is young, you’ll want to prepare themselves for the trip. Preparing for kids dental in Seattle is also about getting yourself ready.

This is a step that can set up a feeling at a dentist for the years to come. Here’s how to prepare your child for the trip.

Know the Best Time to Schedule Appointments

The first thing to do is to make sure the appointment is schedule for the best time of the day. For kids dental in Seattle, this is usually first thing in the morning. You want your child alert and full of energy.

Try to avoid scheduling the appointment before a nap. Later in the day can also be questionable, especially hours after the lunchtime nap. If a baby is overtired or has been overstimulated, they may not do as they’re asked in the dental chair.

Read Books About Kids Dental in Seattle

It doesn’t just have to be Seattle-based books. You want to show your children what happens at the dentist, and this means finding some child-based books for them. Look for those that involve Peppa Pig and Dora the Explorer.

These types of books have been written purposely to help children get ready for the visit. Even a six-month-old can appreciate the pictures. They’ll see the tools and the mask in the pictures and then recognize them in the dental office.

Anxiety comes from the unknown. By children seeing their favorite characters go to the dentist, they’ll be a lot calmer.

Take Your Child to Your Appointment If Possible

When you have your own appointments, you can also take your baby. This is common with younger children, and some dentists suggest that you bring them and allow them to face you in their pushchair. The idea is that they see you getting your dental work.

Not all dentists will have the space for this. You may take your children to someone else for kids dental in Seattle. However, talk to your dentist about the opportunity.

It just helps to ease the anxiety. Children see their parents doing something, so they feel calmer to try it too.

Speak Positively About the Dentist Around Them

When you speak about the dentist at home, keep everything as positive as possible. Even if you’ve had bad experiences in the past, you want to be positive about the space. It’s not their fault that you don’t like visiting the dentist. Chances are some of your bad experiences have come from negativity around the dentist as a child.

When you remain positive and light, your child will be excited about their first visit. This makes them less afraid when the dentist does walk in with the mask and the tools.

The first trip is going to be the easiest. It’s usually just a check of any teeth that have come through and the gums. It’s also for parents to get the tips they need for good kids dental in Seattle.