Invisalign is becoming an extremely popular option for those who want straight, healthier teeth. It’s not just about cosmetic benefits. There are a lot of health benefits to straighter teeth. Of course, a big question for you is how much will Invisalign cost in Mill Creek? Is it even an affordable option for you right now?

While you’re looking at the costs, you’ll also want to look at the alternatives. Is there something else that will work just as good but is cheaper?

How Much Does Invisalign Cost in Mill Creek?

The exact cost of dental treatment is going to depend on your dentist and just what you need for your mouth. However, it’s good to get a rough idea.

Most treatments cost between $3,000 and $7,000 depending on the number of teeth that need covering, how crooked your teeth are, and the area. That’s a large range, and the instant worry is how you’re going to afford that. However, the average cost is between $3,000 and $5,000.

Some insurance companies will cover the costs of Invisalign. They recognize that this isn’t a cosmetic thing to make your teeth look good that you should pay for yourself. There are major health benefits to having straighter teeth, including a lower chance of developing gum disease and tooth decay. So, you’ll want to talk to your insurance company about your options.

Most companies will cover up to around $3,000, the basic costs for your treatment.

What Are the Cheaper Options for Teeth Straightening?

Now that you know the Invisalign cost in Mill Creek, it’s time to look at your other options. Is there a cheaper option?

Metal brackets are the most common options for aligning the teeth. They seem to be a right of passage for many teenagers, and they tend to cost between $2,000 and $6,000.

Like with Invisalign, the range in cost is dependent on the crookedness of the teeth and the number of teeth that need covering. Sometimes it’s just about the front teeth because the back ones are fine. It can be about pulling a front tooth down in place because it didn’t kick the baby tooth out at the right time.

The costs aren’t all that different, really. However, your insurance is more likely to cover the metal brackets than the Invisalign and may even cover more of the cost. This simply comes down to how insurance companies view the different options.

You’ll Save Money in the Long Term

When you’re weighing up the metal braces and Invisalign cost in Mill Creek, you’ll want to think about the long-term costs. Sure, right now, $3,000 sounds like a lot of money. However, you could save that and more by having straighter teeth.

Crooked teeth are harder to clean. There’s more of a chance of needing some fillings or a crown. You may even need a root canal. Over time, those costs will add up, and you could have avoided them with the right dental treatment at an earlier stage.

Worried about the Invisalign cost in Mill Creek? Talk to your dentist about your options. There are some for you.