Dental exam

Many of us dream of having a clean smile, the appearance of white pearly teeth to boost the appearance!


We offer various bleaching options in our office but we want to be honest with our patients about the results.   It is important to ask the following questions: Is bleaching (whitening) my teeth going to work with my drink consumption (ie: coffee, wine, black tea)?  Do I want this for short-term (going to a wedding this weekend) or long-term (matching my new crowns to my newly bleached teeth)?  Are my teeth naturally sensitive?


Short term is easy!  Long term is difficult.  If you find yourself enjoying a glass of red wine multiple days a week, coffee at least once a day or black tea throughout the week you may want to consider the aftermath.  If you have cold sensitivity or pain before starting the process this may not work well for you.  The science behind bleaching: there are different strengths of bleach that essentially dehydrate the teeth, pulling water out and thus whitening the enamel. The higher the concentration of bleach the more dramatic (and exciting!) the results.  The side effects: sensitivity to cold and hot foods, possible lingering pain that may require fluoride application and/or using special toothpaste like Sensodyne.


If you have an important meeting coming up or a big event this may be a great cosmetic option!


The best way to find out if whitening your teeth is the way to go… come in for an exam! The doctor will look at the health of your enamel and propose one or two different options.  And, of course,  cleaning/exam/Xrays are usually covered 100% by insurance so why wait to find out!


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