Use your insurance benefits before 2015 ends– cleanings, fillings, crowns, implants, and much much more! The funds do not rollover into the new calendar year, so why let them go to waste?

You may have great coverage through an employer, spouse, parent, partner, etc. Do not lose your benefits. Every individual gets their own yearly maximum, usually $1000-$2500 for dental care… That is a great benefit!

Let us do a courtesy check for you and schedule your visit this calendar year with one of wonderful dentists, Saturday hygienists, and an exceptional team. We treat the whole family, including kids and teens.

Cleanings are usually covered at 100% (no cost to you) twice a year. Oral health leads to overall health!

Call us: 206-659-4888, or email: info@www.asfamilydentistry.com

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