Silver fillings are dark and noticeable. They can, however, last decades and we try to keep them in for patients who are not concerned about esthetics (or the fact that this material contains mercury).

Even the best fillings, however, start to degrade and leak over time. Micro-cracks and holes form around the filling material allowing bacteria to seep in.  This process can take months or years to accumulate before causing tooth decay or pain, that’s why it’s so important to have a simple check-up to make sure you’re in the clear!

The dentist and hygienist take time to carefully review your notes, digital X-rays, and head/neck/tooth exam to make sure everything looks good.  Some patients elect to replace silver with composite resin, or tooth-colored “white” fillings that do not contain mercury alloy.

Does this picture look like something you may have? Has it been awhile since you’ve have a good cleaning?  Some silver fillings just need a good scrub and polish to get the “tooth barnacles” (or tartar) off.  Schedule your visit one today! It’s covered by insurance at 100% , otherwise $99 with our new patient special. Let us take care of your needs.