The digital panoramic X-ray machine is unique in it's ability to capture clear images to allow the dentist to make proper diagnosis for head and neck areas, including wisdom teeth and jaw joints.

This digital panoramic X-ray machine is unique.


We are very excited to bring advanced imaging and technology to our patients!


This is a great service that allows Dr. Furman and our associate dentists to see the structures of the head and neck including but not limited to: the sinuses, jaw joints, wisdom teeth, root structures, bone structures, infections, development of baby teeth and adult teeth, dental implant placement depths, elderly people with no teeth, just to name a few!  We can look at root curvatures to see how the wisdom teeth are coming in and if they pose problems.


It is also great because it works well on fussy kids and gaggers, or adults who cannot handle traditional sensors in the mouth. The technology enables us to take low-dose exposure images (less than standard pan machines) from the outside!  It is incredible the quality of the images and our advanced diagnostics.  Everything is on high-definition and crystal clear. What a great service to have.


This is the full experience for the patient and gives us an enormous amount of information about each case. It is very detailed. And best part of all, panoramic X-rays are covered by insurance plans once every 3-5 years.


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