A dental exam is recommended for adults, kids and teens.


If your teenager is thinking about getting braces or is currently wearing braces, a professional cleaning can dramatically impact their teeth and gums: remove plaque/bacteria and eliminate bleeding of the gums.


Our assistants, hygienist and dentist put a lot of effort into educating patients about the proper use of floss and offer wonderful tips to make the process easier at home.


The dental chair is designed for your comfort with an adjustable headrest and arm slings for support; as well as pillows and blankets for added comfort.


It is important for our patients to understand the need for dental health maintenance, like the maintenance of everything else in life from cars to hair,  this requires a check-up!


Let us know how we can better accommodate your schedule.  We’re open weekdays and every other Saturday for your convenience. Call or email us to set up your appointment.