Dental check ups recommended for children and their transitioning teeth

Dental check ups are recommended for children and their transitioning teeth


Parents often don’t notice closely the spaces (or the lack thereof)  between their children’s teeth.  It is very important to monitor the progression from baby (milk) teeth to adult (permanent) teeth.

Children grow through a period called “Ugly Duckling” stage starting around 6 years old, when their first adult tooth grows in. The dynamic changes which occur in the mouth will determine the future of permanent teeth, and the decision to get braces or not, as well as check for cavities.

By adult stage, if the teeth are crowded or out of alignment, sticking out or overlapping incorrectly, it is much harder to fix than during their youth.

For this reason, as soon as a baby’s first tooth comes in, they should have their first check-up. After age 4 it is recommended that children have regular 6-month check-ups and cleanings for three big reasons: 1) make sure they are keeping their mouths healthy and properly brushing, 2) checking for developmental, gum or tooth problems, and most importantly 3) getting used to seeing the dentist in a stress-free non-threatening environment, leading to lifelong healthy habits and what we call “densensitization”.

Too often we see adults who had “bad childhood experiences and have neglected the dentist” until the teeth are badly broken and hurting.  We want to nip that fear in the bud!