Your dentist is recommending dental implants. They’re not good for everyone, but if your dentist is recommending them, this suggests that you are a good candidate. They’re certainly something to consider.

Of course, there are a lot of questions that will run through your mind. Something you forgot to ask your dentist about was any pain afterwards. Is it painful to get dental implants? There are different stages to consider, and we’re going to be candid here.

The Procedure Itself Isn’t Painful at All

Getting the dental implants in North Seattle at first is not going to be painful. You will have the work done under some sort of anesthetic, whether it is general or local. Your whole mouth is going to be numb at the time of the work.

This is very common in the dental industry. The majority of dental work isn’t done without numbing the mouth first. After all, catching the nerves is going to be extremely painful, and there’s no way a dentist will want to put you through that.

Some Mild Pain After Getting Dental Implants in North Seattle

After the numbing wears off, there may be some pain or discomfort. This doesn’t mean a lot of pain. In fact, most patients say that the discomfort felt from dental implants is less than the pain of a tooth extraction. This should help you settle your mind, especially considering you would have been through the tooth extraction stage already.

It’s very rare for patients to complain about a lot of pain after getting implants. This usually suggests that there was a problem during surgery or that there’s a problem with the implants. It can also mean that there is an infection, which can happen even with the best cleaning routine afterward.

If you do experience any pain, your dentist will take a look at the problem. If the implants are ill-fitting, you may need to go through the process again. If it’s due to an infection, you will get the treatments to take care of it and then the pain will go away. Your dentist is the best person to get to the bottom of the issue.

Minimal Pain in the Future Due to Implants

The only reason you’re going to get pain in the future is really if you have ill-fitting dental implants in North Seattle. However, this is something that should be caught early. You’ll want to talk to your dentist about this as soon as the swelling and minimal pain should disappear.

After this, there is no reason for pain. The majority of patients forget that they even had the surgery. It’s one of those things that the body forgets about because the teeth are just as they would normally feel. If there is pain, it usually means that there is another issue and it’s not the actual implants. You will want to speak to your dentist if this is the case.

When your dentist suggests dental implants in North Seattle, you’ll want to consider them. They are a great option, and there’s no need to fear pain.