When it comes to getting new dental treatment, you’ll want to make sure it fits in with your dental insurance. Not all cosmetic dentistry in Mill Creek will be included, so you need to know what is classed as cosmetic and what’s not.

Crowns are an essential part of dentistry at times. They’ll be highly recommended by your dentist, especially if you’ve had a root canal. Will it be covered by your insurance, though?

You’ll Want to Talk to Your Insurance Company First

Before you do discuss things with your dentist, you’ll want to turn your attention to your insurance company. The best thing you can do is check with the company directly about what they class as cosmetic dentistry in Mill Creek. The answers may surprise you.

Not all insurance companies are the same. Some will claim that all crowns are cosmetic and only pay a small percentage of the cost or none at all. Others will look at the reasons for the crowns and the dentist recommendations. It could all depend on how it’s listed on the dental receipt when you do come to claim.

Before panicking, make sure you do check in with your company first. Be upfront and get all the details you need right away so you know if you’re paying out of pocket or not.

Crowns Can Be Necessary Rather Than Cosmetic Dentistry in Mill Creek

If you’ve had a root canal, you’re going to need something over the top of the tooth afterward. Your dentist will put on a temporary cap at first, but that’s only good for around 12 months. After that, there’s a chance that the cap will fall off and you can end up with a crumbling tooth. Considering the cost of the root canal, you want to keep extra work or potential damage to a minimum.

That means looking at other types of dental treatments. Crowns will help to protect the tooth from further damage. In this case, it’s a necessary procedure and not something just because you want good looking teeth.

Dentists should be able to note if something is needed or cosmetic. This may help with your insurance claims. It may end up being classed as major dental work instead of minor and still have some limitations, but not as many as cosmetic work.

Crowns Can Be a Cosmetic Option

There are times that the crowns are added purely for cosmetic reasons. In this case, your insurance company will likely class it as cosmetic dentistry in Mill Creek.

If the crowns aren’t necessary, the insurance company isn’t going to want to pay out full for it. You’ll want to look at other options that may be cheaper for a brighter and whiter smile. Talk to your dentist about all the options that are available.

In many cases, crowns won’t be classed as cosmetic dentistry in Mill Creek. This is especially when it’s a necessary treatment advised by a dentist due to root canals. You’ll want to check with your own insurance company, though.