Dentistry has changed considerably over the years. At one time, it was literally about pulling teeth to stop pain. Modern dentistry in Mill Creek using teeth pulling as a final resort.

A good dentist will focus on prevention as much as possible. There are times that tooth extraction is required. Then there are times that root canals are needed. Yet, there are also tools used to help reduce the extra work needed on the teeth.

Teaching People More About Caring for Their Teeth

We start with education. That’s mostly what modern dentistry in Mill Creek is all about. The tools used will help to protect the teeth, and then the dentist is able to explain the problems to the patients.

Routine checkups are important. They help to catch problems at an earlier stage. They can even prevent problems from even happening due to the removal of plaque. More on that in a minute.

The focus at the routine checkups is to make sure people are equipped with knowledge. In the past, people didn’t really know that much about how to prevent damage to the teeth. That’s not the case anymore.

You know to brush and floss, but dentists will be able to discuss how frequently and explain how to do it all properly to protect your teeth. Good education about oral health is worth your weight in gold.

Treatments that Will Protect the Teeth from Long-Term Damage

Prevention is important, and it’s something that modern dentistry in Mill Creek offers. You’ll find your dentist wants to take x-rays. Then there is a fluoride treatment that may be offered. You have the cleaning and scaling, and the polishing and other treatments placed on the enamel.

At first, it can feel like all this is to get more money out of you with each checkup. However, the treatments help to prevent more costly problems down the road.

Look at the cleaning. Your dentist will get rid of the food buildup that you may miss (it happens!) and this prevents the enamel breaking down due to the plaque and tartar. The x-rays help to spot any problems within the teeth to fix them before they become too major (and a lot more expensive!).

Modern Dentistry in Mill Creek Involves Minimally Invasive Treatments

You want to keep the invasive treatments to a minimum. They are more costly and they can weaken the mouth depending on the treatment. The best thing to do is get your regular checkups and opt for the minimally invasive treatment.

The x-ray will spot a cavity sooner. Your dentist can then fill the small cavity rather than letting it get to the point of pain. This can reduce the need for a root canal in a year or two, so you end up spending less money and require less work in the long-run.

Modern dentistry in Mill Creek is all about education and prevention. It’s something you want to be a part of, and you need to make sure your dentist understands this.