Not all dental needs are necessary emergencies. They can seem like it at first, but they could wait until you get an appointment with your usual dentist. Opting for an emergency dentist in North Seattle can end up costing more, especially if it’s at a different location to where you’re used to.

However, there are certain problems that will require emergency treatment. Here are four signs you’ll need to see someone immediately.

You Have Severe Pain and Need an Emergency Dentist in North Seattle

It all starts with pain. We all get tooth pain now and then. It often means that there is a problem, and we do need to see a dentist. In the majority of cases, the dental pain will be minor and can wait for an appointment with your usual dentist.

However, there are times that the pain is severe. It won’t go away regardless of painkillers, and you’re left unable to do anything else because of the pain. You need to see a dentist right away as it’s a sign of a major problem.

You Have Bleeding that Won’t Stop

If you catch your gums or they’re a little swollen, they can start to bleed. This isn’t necessarily a sign of needing an emergency dentist in North Seattle. What you do need to look at is how much blood there is and whether it’s stopping.

If the bleeding isn’t stopping, you’ll need to see a professional. It means there is more damage done. This is often the case if you’ve hit your mouth into something, maybe something like a hockey puck to the mouth!

Your Tooth is Wobbly or Has Come Out and It Shouldn’t Have Done

Got a wobbly tooth? If it’s a child, this isn’t an emergency. After all, wobbly teeth are part of the course. The adult teeth are coming in and the baby teeth need to make way for that. But what if the wobbly teeth aren’t supposed to be wobbly?

And what about if you’ve completely lost a tooth that you shouldn’t have? You’ll certainly need to call an emergency dentist in North Seattle for this. While the tooth can’t be put back in, the emergency dentist will be able to assess if there is any other damage. This is especially important if the tooth broke off in an odd way, leaving a bit of tooth inside.

You Think You Have an Infection

Infections need immediate attention. If you get an infection in the gum, there’s a risk that it will travel through the blood stream and cause problems for other parts of the body. Any sign of an infection requires an emergency dentist in North Seattle.

It may end up being a minor infection that just requires a round of antibiotics. This is a good sign as it means you caught it early. An emergency dentist will be able to assess and figure out the best course of treatment.

Are you struggling with pain in the mouth? Is it worth a trip to the emergency dentist in North Seattle? Look at the four signs above and determine if you can or can’t wait for your normal dentist.