The time has arrived:  the rush to use-or-lose your dental insurance benefits!

Patients often ask:  why do I need to use my benefits in 2016 if they will come back in 2017?

The quick answer is:  you have money now to use!  It will be gone.

The long answer:  each patient has a maximum typically between $1000-2000 a year to use from insurance.  Most folks pay premiums to get these allowed amounts through their employers, yet never take advantage of the benefits.   You are basically paying for service that is not being fully used.  Insurance benefits are available to spouses and children, too, with full maximums per person!   Has your husband or wife or partner had a check-up in the last 6 months?  Have the kids?  Is grandma’s denture fitting okay?  Does your friend or colleague at work complain of a nagging toothache?  They should have it looked at.

Also: let’s say in 2016 everything is great but you have some teeth being flagged for cracks or tooth decay (cavities). All of a sudden 2017 could bring a dental emergency that will wipe out your annual maximum in one visit. Take advantage of 2016 while you can, at the very least to take care of small problems before they turn into big ones.

What can you get for your yearly maximum?  At the very least, two cleanings to make your teeth feel like new!  And from there the possibilities include: dental crowns, white fillings, bite-guards, veneers, extractions, root canal therapy, dentures, and much more.

From a cosmetic point of a view: are you truly happy with how your teeth look? Is there something you would change like the front teeth, old failing crowns, gray dark fillings?  …Or you just simply want to  brighten your smile?  Have you looked into veneers or tooth whitening systems?  We can help with that.


Take advantage of the benefits!  Call us today..we’re even here on Fridays & Saturdays:  206-659-4888.  Email questions to:


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