We offer a line of professional strength bleaching (or whitening) products in the office. The quick option is ready for you right out of box!  It’s a special formula that you cannot buy in stores, only sold directly to dental offices. The comfortable, adaptable, pre-filled trays provide coverage from your molars all the way around to the other side molars! Our team members and patients are obsessed with this system because it is so effective, easy and inexpensive.


These trays quickly, comfortably and effectively adjust to your smile… and best of all they don’t taste bad or have a goopy texture that seeps into your gums. A patented formula makes this perfect for all occasions, in the car on the go, or at home chilling on the couch!  You will LOVE this.   Schedule a dental cleaning and freshen up your smile with a take-home bleach kit. Give us a call or stop in to find out more:  206-659-4888