Wobbly and wiggly teeth can be painful and annoying. There are times that you’ll wonder “do I need a dentist near me in Heller Lake?” Is this a far more serious situation than it initially seems to be.

It all depends on the reason for the wiggly teeth. If this is in your children, it’s likely that this is just a natural stage of life and something that you need to wait to happen naturally. If you’re an adult, you’ll definitely want to see a dentist.

Wiggly Teeth Naturally Happen in Children

We all know that children get their baby teeth that will fall out and make room for their adult teeth. So, wiggly teeth is normal, and under most circumstances, you won’t need to see a dentist near me in Heller Lake.

The teeth will fall out by themselves as the adult teeth push through. You may even find that children want to pull their teeth out so the Tooth Fairy visits, especially if the wobbly teeth have just become annoying as they get stuck.

There are times that a dental visit is necessary, though. The adult teeth may not push through normally. Instead of pushing up where the baby teeth are, they may grow through over the top. This can happen if the baby teeth haven’t shown signs of moving just yet. So, your dentist may need to remove the baby teeth to make it easier for the adult teeth to get through.

Another reason to visit a dentist near me in Heller Lake is if the wobbly teeth are causing a lot of pain. If there is no sign of a big tooth coming through but the wobbly teeth has a cavity or is just becoming a nightmare to eat with, you’ll want to see about getting it extracted. Your dentist will keep an eye on it and share when the time is right.

Adults Need to See a Dentist for Wiggly Teeth

If you have wiggly teeth as an adult, you definitely need to see a dentist. This shouldn’t happen. At least, not until you are much older—and even then, you don’t necessarily have to lose all your teeth.

Wiggly teeth is a sign that the roots aren’t holding. It could be due to tooth decay or gum disease. You’ll want to book a visit with a dentist near me in Heller Lake to get to the bottom of the situation. Is there something you can do to repair the damage, or at least prevent further damage? Will it be best to remove the teeth and get dentures?

Your dentist will ant to look at the overall health of the mouth. Wobbly teeth as an adult is a symptom of a bigger cause, so your dentist will want to get to the bottom of that.

If you have wobbly teeth, you may need to see a dentist near me in Haller Lake. This is especially if you’re an adult with wobbly teeth.