Your dentist has told you that you need to have a cavity filled. This is a minor procedure that your dentist will be more than qualified to handle, but that doesn’t mean you’re not nervous. It could be your first cavity filling in Seattle, or maybe you’ve just forgotten what happens during the process.

It’s important to know what to expect. By knowing a little more about the process, you’ll be calmer in the chair, and that will make the whole process go much smoother.

It All Starts with Numbing

The first thing a dentist always does for cavity filling in Seattle is numbing the area. This is using a local anesthetic, so you’re not put to sleep. It’s just the area around the tooth nerve that is numbed so you won’t feel the procedure happening. All you’ll end up feeling is some pressure.

Some dentists will give you a numbing gel first. The needle with the anesthetic then follows, with the numbing gel just helping to prevent the sharp pain in the gums.

Some dentists will be able to offer sedation. This means you’ll be asleep, and is common for those with severe anxiety or mental health problems or disabilities that prevent them from remaining calm in the chair.

Preparing for Cavity Filling in Seattle

Now that the anesthetic is working, your dentist will take out the decayed and damaged part of the tooth. This usually means drilling into the tooth to get rid of the problem areas. Your dentist will need to remove all the decay and damage to prevent the cavity from getting worse under the filling.

Bacteria and debris can end up being left behind. The dentist will remove as much as possible with a sucking tool and will then apply a gel to clean the tooth.

Don’t worry; you won’t feel a thing except for some pressure.

It’s Time for the Filling

Now it’s time for your dentist to put in the cavity filling in Seattle. The exact process will depend on the tooth that needs the filling and the damage that has happened.

In some cases, it’s just a case of filling in the hole that’s been created from removing the debris. In other cases, the material for the filling needs to be molded around a tooth. Either way, an adhesive is used to help bond the filling material to the tooth so nothing can get through the gaps and cause another cavity.

This process is repeated until your dentist is satisfied that the cavity has been filled.

A UV light is used to harden the resin used for the filling. This is important to make sure the filling can be used every day.

Making Sure the Tooth is Right

Finally, your dentist will need to smooth down the edges. This helps to get rid of any sharp parts of the resin and makes it possible to bite down easily. The aim is to feel like your tooth is normal. The resin is filed down so it matches your natural bite.

Your dentist will then clean and floss after your cavity filling in Seattle. You’re then good to go home with the instructions your dentist offers.