In most cases, you’ll find your dental needs can be limited to just your regular check-ups. Sometimes you’ll need to book an extra appointment, but you don’t need to see someone right away. Then there are times when an emergency dentist in Mill Creek is necessary.

An emergency dentist will be able to fix problems almost immediately. If you can’t get into your regular dentist for a couple of weeks, you can get the work done elsewhere just to get you through a particular rough spot. Of course, you’d likely prefer to see your own dentist, so when do you definitely need to see an emergency dentist?

When Your Crown or Something Else Has Broken

As much as you try to protect your teeth, accidents happen. You may fall and break your tooth, or maybe your crown breaks when you’re chewing. Then there are times when wires bend or get damaged. You need to see an emergency dentist in Mill Creek for many of these issues.

Allowing that broken crown to sit for weeks can lead to further problems. Letting the broken wire remain in your mouth can lead to damage to the gums. Even just letting the broken tooth remain there can lead to some serious issues, especially if the nerve is on show.

You want to make sure you get the problems fixed as soon as possible. This will avoid future issues with your gums, teeth, and mouth.

An Emergency Dentist in Mill Creek for an Infection or Swelling

There are times that you’ll cut your gum, or you’ll get a piece of food stuck. This can lead to your gums swelling, and sometimes, they get infected. You need to see someone right away when this is the case.

A gum infection can lead to some serious health problems. The infection can travel to other parts of the body if not treated properly. On top of that, the pain from the infection and swelling can lead to you being unable to eat or drink properly.

These types of dental problems are just what emergency dentists are for. They’ll be able to prescribe antibiotics to make sure the problem is tackled as soon as possible.

If You Need a Tooth Extracted Immediately

Then there are times where the tooth just has to go. This could be due to an exposed or damaged nerve, or it may be due to the way it’s broken. There are times that you can’t wait for your regular dentist to see you, so you need to find an emergency dentist in Mill Creek.

If you leave the broken tooth for too long, you can cause extra damage to the teeth around it. You can also cause damage to your gums.

You don’t need the full repair work with the extraction. In fact, this won’t be a good idea. Let the gum heal and then see your regular dentist for the repair work.

While you want to wait to see your regular dentist, sometimes it’s an emergency. You need to know if you need an emergency dentist in Mill Creek so the problem doesn’t get too bad.