When it comes to dentistry, you likely want to find ways to save money. After an extraction, it can be tempting to skip the tooth implant in North Seattle.

After all, one tooth implant can cost $3,000 or more. Yes, that’s just for the one! It does depend on the type of implant you get and which tooth it is, but that can still be a little too much out of pocket.

So, do you really need the tooth implant in the first place? Here are some things to consider.

Is It One of the Front Teeth That People Will See?

If you’ve lost one of your front teeth, you will feel a little shame and embarrassment about that. People see the missing teeth when you smile, and it can impact your speech and the way you feel about yourself. The cost for the tooth implant in North Seattle is often worth it for the boost to your self-confidence.

Opting to get an implant at the front is also good for the whole jawline. The teeth will start to turn or slide in to replace the gaps that have been left. This weakens the whole mouth and can cause future problems.

Is the Tooth Implant in North Seattle Needed for a Supporting Tooth?

It’s not just the front teeth that can cause problems for other teeth. If you have one of the back supporting teeth removed, you’ll want to consider getting an implant of some sort. It’s important to replace that gap so that the other teeth around it don’t weaken.

This is especially the case if you’re left with a gap and then a solo tooth right at the back. This tooth will weaken and fall into the gap, causing further oral hygiene problems.

Are There Other Options for Tooth Replacements?

You may not necessarily need a tooth implant in North Seattle. In fact, your jaw may not support the full implant. The benefit of an implant is the lifetime smile, but do you have the budget for it?

There are other types of replacements available. It’s something to talk with your dentist about. This isn’t just about the cost but finding the best option for a hassle-free and healthy smile. You’ll also need to know about aftercare to ensure the implants or other replacements last.

Is It One of Your Wisdom Teeth?

Finally, let’s talk about having your wisdom teeth out. This is extremely common, whether they’ve broken through the gums or are still underneath. Wisdom teeth can cause pain, infection, and other problems, so your dentist may suggest that you get them removed.

If this is the case, you probably don’t need a tooth implant in North Seattle. It doesn’t matter if the teeth had broken through or not. The wisdom teeth don’t offer that much support and could have caused overcrowding in the mouth.

Your dentist will be happy to discuss your options when it comes to tooth extraction. While a tooth implant in North Seattle can be expensive, it could be an investment worth making.