Dr. Ilona Furman and Lead DA Yelena attended the Seattle King County Dental Day at McCaw Hall.  The team from All Smiles was part of a larger collective of dental, medical and social work professionals offering free services to low-income patients.

Meeting members of the local community is a humbling experience. You find out about the disabled army veteran who camped out overnight to fix a broken molar because his meager salary does not qualify him for state dental insurance.  You meet the student who is working in a coffee shop to pay for college tuition but cannot afford to have a cleaning. The hundreds of folks who do not speak English but appreciate everything you do to the highest degree.

And then, looking out at the auditorium of volunteers who donated their time and equipment to be here today… amazing. We feel grateful to be part of this larger group looking above and beyond the private clinic to see the true need out there.  Dental insurance should be available to everyone.

All Smiles Family Dentistry is proud to accept United HealthCare Dual Complete coverage for low income patients with Medicare.  Please call us if you have this plan:  206.659.4888

All Smiles Family Dentistry is located in North Seattle and Mill Creek Town Center.