Did you know that dental  decay  is  the #1 chronic childhood illness?  Have you, your spouse, child, or colleague had a dental check-up in the past 6 months?  Dental problems cause people to miss multiple work and school days every year.   The good news is that tooth decay (ie: a cavity) is preventable.

One question we get asked every day: do I need dental insurance to get my teeth cleaned and my painful tooth repaired?  The simple answer is no! You absolutely do not need to buy dental insurance to be seen by a dentist. In fact, it is much less expensive to pay out-of-pocket than to pay for insurance premiums every month.

If you have limited problems and want to seek preventative care, you just need to pay $99 every 6 months for a comprehensive cleaning, exam and Xrays.  You would pay 4-6 times that amount from your paycheck if you had to purchase insurance!  Most people don’t know that.  Additionally the plans can get very confusing: do you buy option A or option B? What additional benefits are you actually getting?  Do you need a $2000 limit every year if you just need a cleaning, or one filling, or one crown?

We understand that everybody has bills to pay and may not be able to afford something right away. However, we don’t believe that any patient needs to wait and suffer long-term consequences. This is why we offer flexible in-house interest-free payment plans (no credit check necessary) and we give cash discounts.

Have you been putting something off?  Or a friend or colleague you know?  We’re here to offer gentle, comprehensive services with our two caring lady dentists, hygienists and wonderful team of assistants & front office personnel… even on Saturdays!

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