Living in Seattle, we love our coffee and black/green tea!  Unfortunately particles from these drinks cling to enamel and lead to blackening stain.

Additionally, many people suffer from the embarrassing condition known as bad breath, or halitosis. It’s most unpleasant in social situations and the workplace.

Halitosis can worsen with time and age, poor oral hygiene, diet, coffee and underlying medical conditions.

Some of the culprits causing bad breath include the foods we eat (especially onions and garlic) or don’t eat (ie: skipping meals, dieting).

Smoking and tobacco not only cause staining of teeth and may lead to oral cancer, but also cause bone loss and gum disease, attributed to bad breath.

A large number of people suffer from gum disease: bleeding gums from lack of flossing, and food debris collecting in pockets. Bacteria love these areas and thrive.

Taking medications can lead to dry mouth:  saliva decreases and food particles accumulate.


So what can we do about this?  There are many ways to improve oral health and diminish bad breath. It all depends on the person and the cause of the problem.

For this reason, a regular check-up exam is recommended to identify the factors.  From prescription rinses to advice on over-the-counter products and referrals to specialists (problems related to sleep apnea, airway obstruction, or adenoids in kids)… there is a lot of consider. We have our Velscope blue-light screening for smokers as a preventative tool.  We also give recommendations on removing stain and offer bleaching treatments to enhance the whiter appearance of teeth.  A cleaning can be done at the same time. It’s painless!

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