You know that flossing is an important part of dental care. As you look for a dentist near me in Edmonds, you may see that there are now recommendations for getting water flossers.

These are relatively new inventions. A water flosser will offer a stream of pulsating water. It gets in between your teeth and into the gumline, helping to remove plaque. While your regular floss does this, the water flosser has the ability to remove a little more.

You Get a Deeper Cleaning

A dentist near me in Edmonds recommends water flossers because of the better cleaning job they do compared to regular flossing. The water is able to get in between the harder to reach teeth and below the gumline, helping to remove a lot more buildup from the day.

The water will also get into some of the pockets in your teeth. After all, teeth aren’t fully smooth unless you have crowns or dental implants. There are dips within them that your toothbrush and your floss can sometimes miss. The water doesn’t miss.

Your Gum Health Is Improved

Another major benefit is getting rid of the plaque within the gumline. This is hard to reach with your toothbrush. As you try, you can end up damaging the gums and making the bleed. The water flosser is much softer on the gums.

You can protect your gums from gingivitis and other diseases. You’ll also soften the trauma to them, so they bleed less and don’t feel as sensitive.

They Don’t Damage the Teeth as Much

It’s not just about your gums. When you’re looking for a dentist near me in Edmonds, you will come across comments about the damage to the enamel on the teeth. Hard toothbrushes are part of the problem for this. Even soft ones will damage if you brush too hard. Many people think harder is better to get rid of the buildup, but you’re causing more damage than good.

This isn’t as much of a problem with water flossers. You can brush gentle and get rid of the buildup. The water flosser will then be able to get rid of the rest of it. It’s less abrasive, meaning much less damage to the enamel on your teeth.

They Help with Braces

If you have braces, you know how difficult it is to floss your teeth. The braces get in the way. And as much as you’re excited about having straight teeth, you’re worried about the damage not getting into your teeth will do. A dentist near me in Edmonds recommends water flossers for patients with braces.

The water is able to get into the gaps of the braces. You’ll be able to dislodge any food with ease and prevent buildup around the braces and between the teeth. The wires will be cleaner and your whole mouth is healthier.

It’s time to upgrade your flossing. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t floss as well. However, you’ll find that more and more dentists are like a dentist near me in Edmonds and recommends water flossers.