You’re in between checkups with your pediatric dentist near me in Mill Creek. Now your child is complaining about pain, or maybe you’ve seen something in their mouth that you’re not sure about. Is this something that can wait for the next checkup, or do you need to see a dentist immediately?

Not all children’s problems are emergencies. However, they may not last until the next checkup. If you have more than a few weeks or up to a month to go, you’ll want to consider getting in sooner rather than later. Here are three signs you need that mid-checkup appointment.

You Child Is Complaining About Pain

Children will be able to tell you when there’s a problem. They’ll share that their teeth hurt. You’ll know if they’re playing up or if there is a problem.

Take a look at where your child is saying the pain is. If it’s a wiggly tooth, there’s little a dentist will do anyway. It’s likely just the wiggly tooth that is causing some discomfort. In this case, you can wait.

If the pain is further back or there isn’t a wiggly tooth around, it’s a sign that there is a much bigger problem going on. Pain usually means a cavity has formed, and the nerve of the tooth is being exposed. You need to get this treated as soon as possible, so book your appointment with your pediatric dentist near me in Mill Creek.

Bleeding or Swollen Gums

Another major sign is when their gums are swollen or bleeding. If your child hasn’t brushed their teeth for a few days, you’ll see some bleeding. Take the time to brush fully and then see how the gums look. If they’re still bleeding and swollen, then you need to book an appointment.

If you and your child go through a good oral hygiene routine, you’ll know that bleeding and swollen gums aren’t normal. You need to speak to a pediatric dentist near me in Mill Creek. This is a sign of a much bigger problem.

There may have been some food that got caught and has caused irritation. If you didn’t get it out, the gum will work around the food to protect itself, and your dentist will need to remove it. Another issue could be an infection or an abscess. Only the dentist will be able to deal with these problems.

There’s Been Trauma to the Mouth

Children get into all sort of accidents. Balls hit the face, they fall of playgrounds, and they end up chipping or breaking teeth. This is a need for a dentist.

Depending on the chip, this could be an emergency need. Not all breaks are. It just depends on how the tooth has chipped and how close it is to the gum. An emergency is when it needs to be fixed right away, while a non-emergency needs to be seen within a few days—so the next available appointment. You dentist will help you determine this.

You can’t always wait for the next routine appointment with your pediatric dentist near me in Mill Creek. Sometimes, you need to book that extra appointment to help protect your child’s mouth.