You want a cheap dentist near me in Mill Creek. After all, the cost of living is going up, and there has always been a concern about the costs of dental treatments. The term “cheap” can bring up a lot of concerns about quality, though.

Not all of the cheaper dentists are cutting corners. In fact, they’re just being conservative in their treatment plans, looking after the oral health in the best way possible. Here are three signs you’ve found a great dentist on a budget.

They Don’t Want to Immediately Remove Fillings

If you have a cavity around an existing filling, some dentists will want to take out the original filling to do the work. Depending on the location of the cavity, this may be necessary, but that isn’t always the case. There are times that a dentist will be able to drill around the existing filling and add a new one.

A good cheap dentist near me in Mill Creek will look for ways to prevent removing fillings. After all, this weakens the tooth because it’s not just the filling that is taken out. Some of the tooth is, too. Why remove this if you don’t need to? A good dentist will work around the filling when possible, saving you money.

Some dentists will try this first, but then may change their mind. This can depend on the work needed once they’re in. Just looking at not removing the filling first is a great sign, though.

Fluoride Treatments Aren’t Suggested for Adults

A good cheap dentist near me in Mill Creek won’t necessarily offer a fluoride treatment. There are some cases where the fluoride could be beneficial, but that’s not usually the case. Not in adults, anyway. The adult teeth can’t absorb the fluoride the way they need to for the treatment to take effect.

This is different in children, though. Baby teeth do absorb the fluoride. There isn’t the need for a lot of it, and in most cases, it’s just part of the child’s checkup prices.

A dentist trying to make more money from you is going to want to charge for the extra treatments, even if they don’t do any good.

They Don’t Immediately Jump to Night Guards

There are some people who will need night guards to sleep. You’ll know if this is you. You’ll have jaw pain on a night and your teeth will be showing signs of grinding wear and tear. There’s little you can do to stop yourself grinding or clenching in your sleep, so you’ll need a night guard instead.

However, not everyone needs one. They’re just a good add-on cost for a dentist. If you are worried about needing one, talk to your dentist to see the answer. A good cheap dentist near me in Mill Creek is going to explain when they’re something to consider. They’re not going to push one onto you for no reason.

Cheap doesn’t mean bad. When it comes to a good cheap dentist near me in Mill Creek, it means they’re conservative in their treatments.