A broken tooth in Bitter Lake isn’t just annoying. It can be painful and lead to some serious problems for your oral health. It’s important to get it seen to as soon as possible.

Sometimes, your tooth doesn’t break in just one piece. You can find that it crumbles a little, or you could find that it starts to break and then other breaks and cracks form at a later date. What are your options when it comes to a broken tooth.

Keep the Tooth in Milk

The first thing you want to do with a broken tooth in Bitter Lake is to keep it. Put it in milk as the calcium in it will help with the preservation of the tooth. Depending on how it broke off and how soon you can get into the dentist, the tooth could end up being fixed. It’s possible that it could be stuck back onto the rest of the tooth in a way that doesn’t cause future damage.

This isn’t always going to be the case, though. If your tooth crumbles, you won’t be able to fix it. If the tooth breaks and ends up dirty or if it was infected, then the dentist will need to work with other materials to fix where the break is. However, it’s worth looking at whether you can keep the tooth or not.

Talk About Dental Crowns and Fillings

In a lot of cases, the broken tooth in Bitter Lake can’t be bonded back to the rest of the tooth. Instead, you need to look into other options for your work. This is especially the case if you’ve ended up with a crack in the tooth or if it crumbled.

A dental crown is a popular way to deal with a broken tooth. This could even be used after bonding the original tooth back to the part that is still in your house.

Another option is a filling. This is popular if your broken tooth is only a minor problem. It will depend on how deep the break is and whether there are other cracks forming.

Speak to a Dentist as You See a Tooth Cracking

You may not have a fully broken tooth in Bitter Lake. It is possible that you’re seeing signs of it cracking and potentially breaking. This is common in teeth with large, deep fillings. There’s a chance that the filling has weakened the real tooth, leading to it crumbling away.

You’ll need to see your dentist as soon as you start to see or feel this happening. If you allow the tooth to crumble, you run the risk of further damage. The tooth could break in the gum line, or you could end up with a cavity as the bacterial gets through the crack and past the enamel on your teeth. Your dentist will run through all your options.

Don’t leave a broken tooth in Bitter Lake for too long. Two weeks is more than enough time to see your dentist, but you want to do it as soon as possible.