When you’re in pain, you want it to stop immediately. Tooth pain can sometimes warrant a trip to an emergency dentist in North Seattle.

The problem is emergency dentists can be expensive. Your insurance may not cover the full cost, so you want to find a dentist who is affordable. That can often mean waiting until you can see your regular dentist, but can your pain wait? Do you really need an emergency dentist for your current pain?

How Bad Is the Current Pain?

Something to question is the severity of the pain. In a lot of cases, the pain can wait for a regular appointment. There’s no need to rush to an emergency dentist in North Seattle.

This is certainly the case if you get a twinge when you eat or drink something. It’s a sign that you have something forming in your teeth, but you can book an appointment and see your regular dentist to get the work done.

That being said, there are times that the pain is severe enough for an emergency dentist. This is when you can’t sleep because of the pain. Regular pain medication may not have worked to get rid of it, or the pain may be accompanied by swollen gums or other signs of an infection or abscess.

Was There Trauma to the Mouth?

As well as pain, there may be another reason to see the emergency dentist in North Seattle. This is usually if there has been some form of trauma to the mouth. You may have fallen over and cracked a tooth, or you may have hit your face while playing a sport. Either way, there’s something else wrong with the tooth, and you need to see someone immediately.

In this case, there may not be that much pain. It all depends on how the tooth has cracked. The problem is the tooth has cracked, and it could need to be seen to immediately. This is especially the case if the crack is close to the gum line, or the tooth has fallen out completely. There are ways to save some teeth and there are restoration options available if you’re seen to immediately.

Can You See Why the Pain Is There?

What is the reason for the pain? Do you have wires or brackets from braces in your mouth? They may have twisted and could be digging into your gums. If this is the reason for the pain, you’ll want to see an emergency dentist in North Seattle. This can lead to cutting the gums and causing more problems if not seen to immediately.

Then there’s things like bad cavities or other issues that you can see in the mouth. The initial pain may not be too bad, but that’s because you’ve managed to medicate yourself. It’s important to get the situation dealt with as soon as possible in some cases.

Yes, the emergency dentist in North Seattle is going to cost more than your regular dentist. However, there are times that you need to see someone immediately, even if it is just pain related.