Right now, your child is going through pediatric dentistry in Mill Creek. This will have started from a very young age. In fact, some dentists will look at babies as young as six months old to make sure the gums look good and to check on any potentially protruding teeth.

What age will your children move to regular dentistry? How long will you be under the care of someone who specializes in pediatric dentistry. After all, isn’t this more expensive than regular dentistry due to extra training?

Pediatric Dentistry in Mill Creek Doesn’t Necessarily Cost More

It’s going to depend on where you go and who you see. Most dentists aren’t going to cost more for looking at children’s teeth. A lot of dentists will go through pediatric care in their regular schooling. There’s no need to specialize any further.

There are some who will specialize for various needs. They may offer reconstructive dentistry in children due to sport playing or general playing around that leads to some teeth being knocked out. Kids are kids, and it happens!

Most of the time, pediatric dentistry requires fewer tools and materials. This helps to keep the costs down, especially when it comes to preventative services.

If your dentist has been through the two extra years of schooling for children’s needs, then you may find there is a small added cost. This is something to talk to your dentist about.

What Age Does Pediatric Dentistry Stop?

You’ll go through pediatric dentistry in Mill Creek until your child is a teenager. Seeing a specialist until the teen years is important.

When you child is young, they get the first set of baby teeth. Your dentist will want to make sure the teeth are breaking through properly and are cared for. Even though they fall out, the gums need to be looked after to protect the eventual permanent teeth.

As the permanent teeth start to come through, your dentist will check on the positioning of them and make sure they’re cared for. The dentist will make sure there’s no tooth decay and help to prevent future problems. The earlier your children’s teeth are looked after, the better chance they have of a great smile in their adult years.

Teenagers can end up requiring braces. They may also suffer oral problems due to lack of care or because of sports they play. A specialist in pediatric dentistry in Mill Creek will help. A dentist can explain and teach about good oral health care and protecting against damage.

Children don’t tend to be patient when sitting in the chair. They want the work done as fast as possible. A specially trained pediatric dentist will understand this and make sure there’s something to help keep young children entertained. Even teenagers can struggle, and the right dentist will help to counter that.

It’s worth going for pediatric dentistry in Mill Creek for as long as possible. Not only do you get a specialist for teeth, but you get someone who is patient for all ages of development.