We are so excited to provide patients with high quality professional oral health care products. From custom bleach trays to dry mouth prescription toothpaste and snore guards, there is a lot to discover.

There are professional grade tooth bleaching (whitening) gels on sale that you cannot buy at the store. If you want immediate whitening results or prefer to go slowly, we have what you need! In-office or take-home bleaching for a pearly white tooth smile 🙂

We sell a line of xylitol  probiotic mints and gums to help lower oral bacteria for patients prone to cavities (whether from taking medications leading to dry mouth, to diet based, or just those genetically inclined to get cavities). Dr. Furman attended seminars where world renowned dentists praised these products.

The doctors also promote their favorite toothbrushes and flossing aids.

Come check it out!

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