YOUR CONCERNS:  The fear of trauma and judgment can be overwhelming.  Your bad experience in the past has kept you away for months or even years.  Now there’s an emergency that keeps you up at night or keeps nagging you during the day.   Putting this off can lead to miserable consequences.  You don’t have to be afraid any longer.  Dentistry has advanced tremendously over the past decade and we will not judge you.

Do you have any of the following fears: loss of control, the drill, pain, needles, panic attack, choking, numbness, bad reaction, cost, gagging, embarrassment?

We understand your concerns and we want to change your experience to alleviate the fears.

WE OFFER ORAL SEDATION:  At your initial visit, the doctor sits in a calm environment, listens to your concerns and reviews your medical and dental history. Oftentimes we prescribe Anti-Anxiety medication as “oral sedation” in the form of pills or tablets.

Our practice is unique.  In Mill Creek, we have dental massage chairs which anxious patients describe as “incredibly effective in calming nerves”… see for yourself!  Additionally, we have weighted blankets, disposable single-use ear plugs, stress balls and TV entertainment.  We encourage patients to bring headphones and music or audio-books (just in case)!

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THE GOAL FOR YOU WITH ORAL SEDATION:  Create calmness, reduce anxiety, sometimes cause drowsiness, create forgetfulness (amnesia), increase your comfort level, prevent worrying, slow breathing, and allow your mind to wander off.

There may be 1-2 pills prescribed and the effect can be shorter-lasting or longer-lasting, whatever makes you feel more comfortable. BEST PART:  There is no additional cost for this prescription on our end. It is part of your emergency visit and treatment protocol.

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Caution: These medications CANNOT be mixed with alcohol.  You need a chaperone (family member, friend, trusted colleague, or significant other)  to accompany you to your dental procedure appointment, as taking the medication impairs judgment.

THE TRUTH ABOUT NITROUS AND “LAUGHING GAS”:  Patients call and ask if we offer nitrous oxide or “gas” because that’s what helped them calm down as a child. The truth is: the gas doesn’t do much.  You have to wear a bulky mask that may not fit snug, the gas can easily escape with your mouth open during exhalation, it can make you feel claustrophobic, and most importantly you STILL feel the needle and are aware of your environment.  There are alternative therapies to keep your mind off of the dentistry.

Most importantly, the team at All Smiles Family Dentistry understands what you have been going through because we see it every day.  We try to take the appointment slowly, give you ample breaks, time to relax, use restroom, grab something to drink, sit up and read and ask questions as much as possible.  You will feel in control.

Set up your initial visit and consultation appointment today!  We are here Mon -Sat!