Use your insurance! And some exciting news…

Dear Friends! Use your dental insurance benefits while they are left in 2017.  Many folks have $2000 worth of benefits just sitting around! Preventative care like teeth cleaning, sealants, fluoride application and diagnostic X-rays are usually covered 100%.  This means it's FREE for you to come in and see us.   People ask: why can't [...]

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Meet Our Wonderful New Team Members!

We are so excited to add three team members to our dental family!  Kelsie, Veronica & Sam. Learn more about these amazing ladies here:  http://www.asfamilydentistry.com/meet-the-team/ Visit "Meet the Team" link on our homepage.   They work hard every day to make your dental experience the best it can be. Schedule an appointment:  206-659-4888 Send us [...]

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This Summer, Dental News!

Dr. Wendy Hung will be here full time taking care of patient needs, while Dr. Furman (our owner dentist) will be out on maternity leave through mid-September. Our dental hygienist, Anna, will be present together with Dr. Wendy and our team of trained professionals to take care of you! Since 2012, the All Smiles goal [...]

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What sets our office apart from the rest…

Lately we've been getting feedback from our patients. We ask them to post online reviews but most do not get the chance, so this blog is dedicated to reviewing some big points. Our team goes above and beyond to meet the patient's requests and expectations. We will not turn away any emergency or person in [...]

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Dental check-ups and cleanings: The initial visit

  A dental visit can reveal so much valuable information about your oral health in a relatively short time. What does an initial visit include? We take a set of digital X-rays to look at the enamel structure and bone level.  Each tooth is carefully examined, including wisdom teeth, which so often cause issues for [...]

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Fluoride varnish benefits with dental cleaning

Coming in for a regular checkup and cleaning is important for dental preventative health. The dentist and hygienist are able to examine your teeth, bone, surrounding gum and soft tissue. The goal of each visit is to thoroughly clean around the teeth & gums, and also to educate the patient about home care.   Fluoride [...]

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New Year’s Resolution: A Healthy & Beautiful Smile

Happy New Year, 2017!   This year is about improving your confidence and taking care of yourself. How about improving your smile?  Removing any tooth darkness, decay or stain that you see looking in the mirror?  Yes, it is most definitely possible.   Insurance benefits have been renewed for 2017!  Take advantage of your maximum [...]

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Use your dental insurance: Q & A. Plus, Special Offers!

The time has arrived:  the rush to use-or-lose your dental insurance benefits! Patients often ask:  why do I need to use my benefits in 2016 if they will come back in 2017? The quick answer is:  you have money now to use!  It will be gone. The long answer:  each patient has a maximum typically [...]

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Meet our wonderful new dental assistant, Janey!

We are excited to welcome Janey to our dental practice! Janey is a dental assistant who finished a rigorous training program at the Lake Washington Technical College. Her hobbies include hiking with her dog, spending time outdoors, kick boxing and cooking. When not working, Janey is going to evening classes and earning her bachelor's degree [...]

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Back to School, Back to Healthy Smiles! Dentist’s Tips…

We are approaching that time of year when kids are heading back to school! A dental cleaning is a procedure that takes about an hour (usually less than 30 minutes with the little kids) . Our dentists and assistants have a gentle touch to make your child's experience the best it can be. For high [...]

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