About Dr. Furman

Dr. Ilona Furman is the founder of All Smiles Family Dentistry. She is a practicing dentist and sees patients in our two locations, Shoreline and Mill Creek. She was voted TOP DENTIST 2019 and 2020 by her dental peers. Community service and childhood dental education are her passions. Outside of work, Dr. Furman is a mom and an artist. She loves working on rainy day art projects with the kids and spending as much time as possible outdoors. Living in the Pacific Northwest provides a lot of inspiration for her latest paintings. Check out Dr. F's artwork under her "About Me" section.

New Science Research Suggests Link Between Gum Disease & COVID-19 Complications

Recent data suggests there may be a potential link between gum disease and COVID-19 complications. Having dental cleanings may help protect you from severe symptoms and improve overall health.   Bleeding gums, tartar buildup, and oral disease increase the Interleukin-6 (IL-6)  inflammatory response that is linked with COVID-19.        Scientists are urging “hospitals and [...]

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All Smiles Family Dentistry Mask For You – COVID-19 Protection!

  Hot off the press!  Get your very own All Smiles Family Dentistry (100% soft cotton with adjustable loop) mask, while supplies last!   We're working hard to maintain a clean, safe and COVID-free environment in both of our clinics.   And, we think wearing a mask should be stylish, too!   Claim your very own [...]

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Why You Need to Consider Dental Implants in Mill Creek After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is far more common than you would think. People need to have teeth removed for all sorts of reasons, although decay is one of the biggest. After having a tooth extracted, you need to consider dental implants in Mill Creek. Dental implants will plug that gap that’s created. It doesn’t matter why the [...]

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Why You Should Find Dental Practices with VistaClear in Mill Creek

When you’re looking for a new dental practice, you’ll probably not even consider the type off water filtration system the practice has. You’re so focused on the treatment from the dentist and the cost. However, the type of water filtration system is important, and you need to consider VistaClear in Mill Creek practices. Don’t feel [...]

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Why Your Dentist Should Offer Sanitation Stations in Mill Creek

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly led to many people to question the hygiene in various medical practices. Dentists are certainly not exempt, and you’ll want to look out for sanitation stations in Mill Creek. Sanitation stations are important at all times, and not just in the middle of a global pandemic. Here’s why you need [...]

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