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Your Dental Questions & Desires

Are you concerned about gums that bleed with flossing? Occasional sensitivity to cold or sweets? Nagging toothache or jaw pain? Buildup of tartar? Or just the discoloration of teeth from coffee, tea and wine? All of these questions come up on a daily basis for patients. We have answers! A routine preventative check-up can make [...]

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2016 New Year’s Resolution: Beautiful Smile!

  What is your New Year's resolution?  Like many people we have a few!  Is having a healthy, glowing smile on that list?   With dentistry it's so easy!  All you need is to commit 1 hour of your time every 6 months to keep up-to-date with your mouth, the gateway to the rest of [...]

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Washington Coast – Painting By Dr. Furman

Washington Waves, Acrylic on Canvas. Cape Disappointment, Long Beach. By Ilona Furman.  1-6-16       Here is the latest painting to add to our office gallery collection!     Dr. Furman's "art therapy" and creative development occurs after-hours when she doesn't see patients.     Art & dentistry go hand-in-hand!     [...]

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2016 Insurance Benefits! Free Cleaning

    The new year marks an exciting time for many folks: 2016 insurance benefits have renewed and two or more cleanings are covered (at no cost to you) starting now!     For many people the dental professional cleaning includes fluoride treatment, digital x-rays and a comprehensive exam.  These services are essentially free (insurance [...]

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