A Team That Sings Together Works Together!

  Our team took the sunny afternoon off to sing karaoke and eat ice cream!! Team building and having FUN is important in "recharging our batteries" before seeing patients. You would be happy to know that our well-rounded, outgoing and fun-loving group is also very talented outside of the clinic environment. Now... time to get back to patients [...]

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The Importance of Diagnosis: Advanced Imaging

The digital panoramic X-ray machine is unique in it's ability to capture clear images to allow the dentist to make proper diagnosis for head and neck areas, including wisdom teeth and jaw joints.   Diagnosis can be a tricky thing without the proper tools.  Dr. Furman makes it a priority to stay on [...]

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Use Your Dental Benefits! Year Ending, Reminder

Use your insurance benefits before 2015 ends-- cleanings, fillings, crowns, implants, and much much more! The funds do not rollover into the new calendar year, so why let them go to waste? You may have great coverage through an employer, spouse, parent, partner, etc. Do not lose your benefits. Every individual gets their own yearly [...]

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Did you know that dental cavities and tooth pain are responsible for many missed school days every year?   Schedule your kids dental cleaning and exam today, starting the academic year right!   We are even open weekends for busy parents and kids, and late afternoons.  Our office is located minutes from elementary, middle and [...]

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