Bad breath and stained teeth – Strategies to combat them!

  Living in Seattle, we love our coffee and black/green tea!  Unfortunately particles from these drinks cling to enamel and lead to blackening stain. Additionally, many people suffer from the embarrassing condition known as bad breath, or halitosis. It's most unpleasant in social situations and the workplace. Halitosis can worsen with time and age, poor [...]

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Dental screening for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, covered by insurance! Great new service to our patients.

  Dr. Furman attended a life-saving training seminar to understand the risks that diabetes, sleep apnea/ snoring, acid reflux, and cardiovascular disease can have on a patient's overall health.  This learning session featured presentations from world-renowned epidemiologists and dental health professionals with over 30 years of experience studying the mouth as a gateway to the body.   How many [...]

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