Smile with confidence

Cavity free and smiling   Just another day... we were able to repair a diseased smile with "white" tooth- colored composite resin fillings and leave a patient feeling happy. The treatment is an inexpensive health benefit and confidence booster all in one!    

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A Team Of Dental Professionals: Taking Care of You

Dental professionals are dedicated to caring for your comprehensive needs. In our office, the first visit involves listening to your "Chief Concern" and addressing that first, then proceeding to other relevant findings. The general dental check-up is for your own knowledge, health and prevention.  We make every effort to inform and show you what's going [...]

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Dentistry & Artistry

A mosaic out of glass and tile made by Dr. Furman   "Dentistry is artistry.  It involves creating a functional sculpture that restores one's quality of life. For that reason there is no piece of art work that could be more rewarding." In dental school it wasn't enough to memorize anatomy and be book-smart.  You had to [...]

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